Improving JavaScript code quality with JSLint integrated with Visual Studio

by Matt Perdeck 25. July 2012 11:29
is a tool that goes
through your JavaScript code and points out bad coding practises, including undeclared variables.
You can now easily integrate JSLint with Visual Studio. [More]

Cache busting using assembly version for RequireJS / ASP.NET MVC projects

by Matt Perdeck 19. July 2012 12:19
Shows how to improve your ASP.NET MVC web site's performance through far future client side caching of RequireJS modules, while still forcing the browser to refresh its cache the moment you introduce a new version of your modules. [More]

How to use the RequireJS optimizer with jQuery loaded from CDN and plugins as shims

by Matt Perdeck 17. July 2012 09:44
Describes how to use the RequireJS optimizer with code that loads jQuery from a CDN and uses shims for jQuery plugins, avoiding the need to make the plugins into AMD modules. [More]

Unit testing JavaScript as part of TFS Build

by Matt Perdeck 11. July 2012 00:45
This article shows how to integrate JavaScript unit testing in your ASP.NET MVC solution. [More]


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